About Crosstech Partners

Crosstech Partners is the result of a highly skilled workforce brought together by modern technology. The Crosstech Partners team live in different countries, but all share the same passion to deliver hiqh-quality technological solutions that help drive your business success. Their competitive advantage is that they live in cities with lower costs of living. As a result, they tend not to require compensations commensurate with high costs of living. This means they can be living in the city of their choice, while delivering high-quality, robust applications to your business.

For the Client

Members of the Crosstech Partners team have designed and built solutions to wide variety of companies in the US, UK and India, from industries as diverse as large media conglomerates, to global banks & finance houses. Their goal is to make sure you enjoy the same advantages as blue-chip companies; that is, for you to have access to a cost-effective, expanded team of high-quality IT experts.

If your business needs additional resources to work on various projects around the office, get in touch. You provide the problem, we outline the solution, and then build it, or help get it built, at rates typically well below those provided by other developers. We work well with your IT staff - they appreciate that we can typically address the issues they don't have time to deal with, and that we provide high quality solutions. We're confident that you'll enjoy us so much, you'll end up keeping us on as your small projects partner.

For Crosstech Partners

Our developers and project managers typically work and operate in their home city, yet have the leverage to provide solutions to clients in other parts of the world. Our projects are challenging, our time frames are shot, our focus is always on the customer, and so you will be constantly required to perform. But in return we provide high quality training where required, a supportive community to work with and share knowledge, and entrepreneurial opportunities where your work will be rewarded in proportion. Get in touch and see if we're a match. If so, we're confident that you'll enjoy working working the Crosstech Partners way.